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Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

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Save our Schools NOLA's Shindig Fundraiser & Community Celebration

Written by Staff

(InthekNOwla) -- It seems we have a lot of saving to do around here: the wetlands, the coast, the culture, the neighborhoods and one of the most important, the education. Here at InthekNOwla, we went through both the public school system, from McDonogh #39 to Eleanor McMain to Sarah T. Reed to Warren Easton. And one thing remains constant: We must take care of our children.

And in steps, Save Our Schools (SOS) NOLA. "Save Our Schools NOLA is a grassroots, non-profit founded and led by public school parents that strives to cultivate powerful parent and citizen demand for equitable access to high quality public schools for all children in New Orleans. SOSNOLA believes when parents and community members become well informed and connected around common concerns and a shared vision, they will be effective advocates for equity and excellence in public education, ultimately making our city a better place to live" (from SOSNOLA).

The SOSNOLA Fundraiser was nothing short of what you know you will find at a New Orleans party: good food, great music, fantastic people, and some tremendously talented artists who were our very own New Orleans public school students. These students "shared their reflections and aspirations through music, dance, song, poetry and visual art" (from SOSNOLA). And what a great job they did! You could see the pride and passion on their faces while they we were on stage. And the camaraderie that they shared with each other was undeniable. Also in attendance were Chuck Perkins, Miss New Orleans 2010 Holly Peek; former New Orleans Saints player, Pat Swilling; Fredy Omar Con Su Banda; and the Baby Boyz Brass Band.

One of InthkNOwla's favorite parts about the fundraiser was the presentation by Dr. Corey Hebert, Medical Director of the State of Louisiana Recovery School District. Dr. Hebert commented how children must have consequences in order to be successful. He gave a great example of a child with a $200 pair of tennis shoes and a $150 pair of jeans, but with Ds in school. Exactly how does that add up? By doing that, we are sending the message that even though you do something bad, you can still get what you want. As a result, doing bad becomes habit and our young people see no point in doing good if the end result is the same. So, we must set limits and consequences for our childrens' actions.

Also, SOS NOLA is the running to receive $50,000 from Remember NOLA, a voter-based campaign that will give the money to the organization that receives the most votes. "With the $50K, Save Our Schools NOLA will increase our community training and leadership programs that leverage public school parents and students to positively affect educational equity and excellence for all New Orleans families" (from Remember NOLA). So vote as many times a day you want!

InthekNOwla is very greatful to have been a part of such a wonderful event. To see how much talent the young people of New Orleans have shows that our city will continue to push on as long we nurture these talents and provide avenues for them to express themselves. Please consider donating to SOS NOLA so that they may continue to support the public school system of New Orleans.

View images from the SOS NOLA's Shindig HERE.

Last modified on Tuesday, 11 May 2010
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