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Doug McGee of FlavIn Catering

Written by Staff

(InthekNOwla) -- NEW ORLEANS | Us here at InthekNOwla, see we ain’t so good at the whole cooking thing. But eatin’, bay-bay lemme tell ya, we some experts at eatin’! And we found the perfect person to help with our eating expertise, Mr. Doug McGee of FlavIn Catering.

Like all New Orleanians, Doug loves food, and not just the eating aspect, but also the preparation and presentation of it. His passion for cooking came from both his mother and father. In particular, his father also enjoys cooking for others and he was a big inspiration to Doug in getting FlavIn started.

Before starting FlavIn, Doug worked as professional chef for eight or nine years, including stints at the New Orleans Convention Center, the Hilton Riverside, and off shore. After Hurricane Katrina, he relocated to Houston, TX where he became the lead cook at a local restaurant. After being in that position for about a year and a half, he was promoted to the front of house and was no longer required to cook which provided a temporary relief to him at the time. Doug explained, “When I got promoted to the front of the house, I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t have to cook anymore.’ It was a wonderful feeling to have at that time.”

However, Doug’s wife quickly made him rethink his decision of not cooking anymore. “My wife knows me and she knows that I’m very passionate about cooking. So one day she asked me, ‘Why would you take the talents you have for cooking for granted and just throw them away. You should be using them for something. You don’t have to cook professionally, but you should really try to see where this passion takes you.’ And her telling me that really brought it home. It was then that I really thought about how much I really do love the art of cooking.”

The idea for FlavIn hit Doug while watching television. He explained, “I was watching one of those shows like ‘Flavor of this or that or whatever’ and it hit me. I thought since I love to cook then maybe I could start a little catering company. So I started putting meals together and posting them on Facebook and everybody loved them! And that was how it got started.”  

FlavIn Catering is not your typical catering company. Instead, Doug incorporated all the traditional aspects of catering with an added flair. Doug wants FlavIn to have a more personal feel instead of people just standing in line, holding up their plates, and leaving once they’ve got their food. In addition, Doug has set himself apart from other catering companies in that he doesn’t used already prepared and processed foods. He likes to do things from scratch which shows how truly passionate he is about his work. As he explained, “If we’re doing things from scratch and we’re creating, we’ll be more passionate about what we’re doing.” In the future, Doug would eventually like to expand FlavIn and work on it full time with a restaurant and many other ideas.

The FlavIn Food Expo that was on September 4th was awesome. We ate so much we thought we we're going to burst. Can't wait till the next one and if you didn't get a chance to catch this one Doug has promised to do a repeat. Be on the lookout.

For more information about Flavin Catering check them out on Facebook or @
Last modified on Tuesday, 21 September 2010
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