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‘Native Polish,’ New Orleans-inspired, vegan nail polish, launches Spring/Summer 2017

Written by  Native Polish
’Tis the season for crawfish and festing!
French Quarter Fest coincided perfectly with the launch of the Native Polish 2017 Spring/Summer collection. We danced our pretty feet away to Aaron Neville and Erica Falls, sipping on Abita Strawberry with family, friends, locals and visitors to our beautiful city. 
Lauren Dunaway, a local dietician, recently commented, “Y’all know I’m always looking for safe, natural products and y’all know I love a good nail polish. A few weeks ago, I found out about Native Polish, a company right here in New Orleans that has 7 free, vegan and gorgeous polishes! It keeps me from worrying about what I bring in my home and put on my hands, because my hands are usually loving on little ones.” 
Native Polish is vegan, cruelty free and 7 free, which means polishes do not contain seven harmful chemicals: formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), xylenes and parabens.
“We are beyond excited to share this line with fellow locals and those visiting the Crescent City as we enter our magical happy place (cue April - August). The concept for Native was developed as we sat together at Congo Square in 2015, and we simply cannot wait to see these shades on so many hands and feet during Fest 2017 and throughout the summer,” commented Native founders, Allison and Julie Hoffman. 
The shades: 
Backyard Berl: A rich cranberry pink with red undertones, representing both the top trending color this season and the tiny little mudbugs we all crave this time of year.
Gulf Oyster: Native’s mainstay shade that’s been carried over each season due to its popularity, the putty, versatile neutral is a go-to for New Orleans women, just like oysters on our favorite menus.
Crescent Crush: We are literally crushing on this whimsical blend of pink and purple to perfectly capture the pure joy we have this time of year in Nola … pass us a Pimm’s Cup please. 
Fais Do Do: Cajun dance parties ALL - SEASON - LONG. See you at the fest with this bright melon hue, shoeless on a colorful blanket, Native girls in toe. 
Seersuckered: This peaceful, yet energetic blue compliments any Southerner’s wardrobe for lazy mornings in Audubon Park, a Magazine Street stroll, sandy afternoons along the Gulf Coast and evenings sippin’ and socializing. 
504: The magic of New Orleans - our streets, art, architecture and most of all, people, captured into one tiny bottle of joy. 
First Line, Second Line: 2 in 1 clear primer to further promote the staying power women have fallen in love with. 
Polishes retail for $11.00 and come ready to gift in a small burlap sack. To order, see a list of retailers and view more pictures, visit, Facebook, and Instagram.  
Last modified on Tuesday, 18 April 2017
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