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Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

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Support your locals with a click!
Support your locals with a click!

TODAY, May 3: The Greater New Orleans Foundation hosts 24-hour online ‘GiveNOLA Day’ fundraiser

Written by  Greater New Orleans Foundation
What is GiveNOLA Day?
Hosted on Tuesdaty, May 3, GiveNOLA Day is a 24-hour, online giving event organized by the Greater New Orleans Foundation to ignite the giving community in Southeast Louisiana. The goal is to inspire the community to come together for 24 hours to contribute as many charitable dollars as possible to support the work of local nonprofit organizations. Last year’s event raised $4 million from 34,000+ donations across the nation. This year, we hope to do even more! GiveNOLA Day is based on other successful giving days hosted by community foundations across the country.
How can I participate?
Everybody can participate on GiveNOLA Day! Individuals can make online donations to any participating nonprofits with a minimum of $10. All donations made on May 3 give your favorite nonprofit the opportunity to earn lagniappe dollars, awards, and hourly prizes. Every dollar donated from midnight to midnight today to one of over 700 nonprofit organizations profiled on the Leaderboard will be increased with additional “lagniappe” dollars provided by the Greater New Orleans Foundation and our generous GiveNOLA Day sponsors. While we encourage you to support your local nonprofits with year-round giving, May 3 is our day to celebrate the Greater New Orleans region's spirit of generosity and support the work of our nonprofits. 
What nonprofits are participating?
In 2014, our inaugural year, 309 nonprofits across the region participated in GiveNOLA Day. Last year, 574 nonprofits are signed up to participate and this year, there are over 700! The participating nonprofits are working on a broad range of issues: arts & culture, animal, education, community improvement, environment, health, human services, and youth development. All of the money raised will go toward programs and services benefitting our community.
Why is the Greater New Orleans Foundation hosting this event?
Our goal is encourage and grow philanthropy in New Orleans and its surrounding parishes. In these economic times, the need for funding has never been greater. Nonprofits are stretched to meet current needs. GiveNOLA Day is a tremendous help to build more community awareness about our exceptional nonprofits and to increase financial support for them. We’re growing the giving community by motivating donors to make an extra gift on this one day to help our local nonprofit organizations.
So, on May 3, go online to anytime starting at midnight until 11:59 pm on Tuesday, May 3 and make gifts to all the nonprofits you want to support. There will be a Leaderboard tab on the website – – that will show dollars raised throughout the day, as well as a profile on each participating nonprofit, the number of donors who’ve made a gift, and the total number of dollars raised.

Together, we have the ability to raise millions of dollars in just one day that will go far to improve the quality of life for many people in our community!

For more information about GiveNOLA Day, please visit the website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Last modified on Wednesday, 04 May 2016
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Support your locals with a click!
Support your locals with a click!
Support your locals with a click!
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