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Downtown Development District presents ‘Downtown NOLA Awards’ finalists

Written by  Downtown Development District
Today, the Downtown Development District (DDD) released the list of finalists for the 2014 Downtown NOLA Awards. The winners will be announced at the annual luncheon which will be held on Friday, May 16 at Noon at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans with Networking & Cocktails occurring from 11:30am to 12:00pm. Young Neville Featuring Jason Neville will perform. Come and celebrate those who make Downtown great. Click here to purchase tickets.
The following individuals, businesses, and organizations were nominated for one or more award categories, recognizing their exceptional accomplishments in Downtown New Orleans:
Downtown Inspiration Award: Awarded to a Downtown property owner, business, resident or worker who is a leader, collaborator and advocate for Downtown development.

Aaron Miscenich/BioInnovation Center

Domain Companies

Maurice “Pres” Kabacoff
iMinder of the Year: Awarded to an individual with proven success in one of DDD’s core industries: arts-based businesses, creative digital media or biosciences.

Stirling Barrett

Pelican Bomb

Patrick Comer
Public Safety Awards: Awarded to individuals who help keep Downtown New Orleans one of the safest places in the country.

DDD Public Safety Ranger
Donnie Clouse

Aaron Harrelson

Alex Navarro
DDD Detail NOPD Officer
Anthony Bakewell

Tagie Journee

Jana Thompson
Downtown Public Safety Partner
Manolito Martinez

Tulane University Medical Center Police

New Orleans Police Department 
Clean Awards: Awarded to individuals or organizations that work 24 hours/7 days a week to make Downtown New Orleans one of the cleanest places in the country.

DDD Clean Team Member
Joseph Charles

Raymond Mathieu

P.J. Page
Downtown Clean Team Partner
The Boston Club

Hale Boggs Building

Hyatt Regency New Orleans
Downtown Ambassador of the Year: Awarded to the individual, organization or event that has embraced and incorporated the Downtown NOLA brand.

Domain Companies

Michael Manjarris

Gary Solomon, Jr.
Best Third Space: Awarded to the “third space,” i.e. restaurant, bar, coffee shop, green space, etc., that provides a creative environment for iMinders to collaborate, work and network.

Dee’s Coffee Shop

PJ’s Coffee – Canal Street

Starbucks – Canal Street
Best Development Project: Awarded to the business that has completed a project that improves the quality of life Downtown.

800 Magazine

Drury Hotel

Saenger Theatre
Best Adaptive Reuse: Awarded to preservationists and owners of homes and businesses who keep the integrity of Downtown’s historic buildings while modernizing them for adaptive reuse.

821 Baronne

800 Magazine

Texaco Building
Best Façade Improvement Project: Awarded to the building owner or lessee who has invested in improving the appearance of the building’s façade.

800 Magazine

Ruby Slipper

Starbucks – Canal Street
Best Public Works Project: Awarded to a federal, state or local public works project that has improved the environment of Downtown NOLA.

Bike Lanes

Iberville Street Roadway Reconstruction

Streetlight Repairs on Poydras Street & Convention Center Boulevard
Best Green Project: Awarded to the business or property owner who helps keep Downtown green.

Bike Easy – Ride Your Bike to Work

Bike Lanes

Poydras Street Neutral Ground Landscaping
Best Kept Secret: Awarded to a Downtown “gem” that is low profile, but deserves recognition for its programs, services or amenities.

Equip Sports Performance

Poeyfarre Market

International High School of New Orleans      
Commissioned by the State Legislature in 1974, the Downtown Development District (DDD) is America’s oldest Business Improvement District.  Funded by a special property tax, the DDD provides enhanced services in economic development, cleaning, and public safety.  The DDD is bounded by Claiborne, the Mississippi River, the Pontchartrain Expressway, and Iberville Street. For more information, visit
The Downtown Development District of New Orleans (DDD) created the Downtown NOLA Awards as an annual program to recognize exceptional accomplishments of Downtown NOLA property owners, businesses, residents, workers and organizations. We want to honor the people and places that inspire, innovate and integrate the Downtown NOLA brand into their Downtown NOLA neighborhoods.
Last modified on Wednesday, 30 April 2014
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