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Millennial Awards set for Saturday, July 16 ‘to honor dynamic young professionals’ in New Orleans

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This Saturday, New Orleans will be celebrating some of the best of the best of our community at the annual Millennial Awards, “an awards show honoring the dynamic young professionals who contribute to the community through public service, make significant strides in business sectors, or serve as cultural ambassadors.” 
Taking place at the People’s Health New Orleans Jazz Market (1436 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.), nominees will be competing in an array of award categories, including Digital Media (of which our founder, Jeff Gonzales, won at last year’s Millennials), Economic Development, Education, Fashion, Film, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Innovation, Journalism, Law, Music, Real Estate, Social Entrepreneurs, Service Persons, Business, Culinary Arts, and Changemakers. In addition, several top restaurants will compete in the Restaurant Competition by creating a ‘millennial-inspired’ dish for attendees to vote on.
This year’s finalists includes Torrence L. Taylor, founder of NOLA NOBLES and owner of Southern Style International; Sharief Ishaq, WDSU Sports Anchor and Sports Reporter; April Dupre, founder of Footprints to Fitness; AND IntheNOLA’s own Heather Ferdinand, who not only keeps us on track at the IntheNOLA offices, but is also a health coach, fitness consultant, and Zumba instructor at Anytime Fitness Gentilly!
Fitness guru Heather Ferdinand is excited to be recognized by her peers. “Being nominated for a 2016 Millennial Award in Healthcare is tremendous for me!” exclaimed Heather. “Growing up with a father who loathed his job, every Sunday around noon, he would give his usual lecture about choosing a career path that I could enjoy and be passionate about, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. For me, this nomination confirms that I am juggling my passions successfully. It is such an honor to be acknowledged by my peers for the work that I am doing to improve the health of my New Orleans community.”
She continued, “Over the last two years, I have facilitated a weight loss challenge at Anytime Fitness Gentilly and I have been able to assist my community in shedding more that 2,000 pounds! Working with these individual members of my community is incredibly rewarding. In addition to weight loss, many participants see lower blood pressure, gain control over diabetes, decrease obesity, and most importantly, I am able to build lasting, supportive relationships that help to keep them on track. I’m continuing to work to change how my community views food, to expand their knowledge of healthy options, to encourage them to find ways to make fitness a part of their lives, and to use strategies to moderate themselves. I look forward to continuing to change the health of my New Orleans community.”
WDSU Sports Anchor and Sports Reporter Sharief Ishaq is on his second round of nominations for a Millennial Award. “It means a great deal to me to be nominated for the award for the second straight year. It would be an honor to win the award so I can represent the city I grew up in and the station I work for.”
He added, “Having this job is really amazing. When I’m away from work and I see people in the public, all they want to do is talk about my job. They love to get my opinions on the Saints, Pelicans, LSU, Tulane, UNO, high school, or any sport possible. I really enjoy how the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas pay attention. There are some truly great people in this area.”
For the ever-fashionable Torrence L. Taylor, being nominated for a Millennial Award shows that he is doing exactlywhat he should be doing. “As a wardrobe stylist who is anointed in bringing out 
one’s personality by using modern or vintage styles, the Millennial nomination confirms that the work I’m doing isn’t in vain,” he explained. “It also acknowledges the need for the work I’m doing with NOLA NOBLES. I started the NOLA NOBLES as a means to give light to what I felt wasn’t getting any, which are the black men who are contributing great works to the city. I strongly believe we can inspire each other through these images of us that won’t be seen by the masses.”
Entrepreneur and wellness coach April Dupre’s passion is helping others. “Being nominated for a 2016 Millennial Award means a great deal to me,” April said. “Anyone who knows me is well aware of my passion forlife and helping others. I’m honored that people trust me enough to help them along their journeys. I was both shocked and humbled to receive the news of being nominated. I love what I do and it feels great that others are able
 to see that passion and hard work.”
She continued, “New Orleans is beautiful, but just as every person always has room for improvement, so does every city. Many think it's impossible to be a true New Orleanian and stay healthy, which just isn’t true. I created Footprints to Fitness to change the perception of what it means to be healthy, especially in our city. Our mission is to help others live a balanced life while staying true to New Orleans culture. Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about being fit; that’s only a small portion. The ‘Fitness’ portion of Footprints To Fitness stands for creating that balance of being mentally, physically, AND emotionally fit. They are one in the same. If you’re lacking in a certain area within yourself, it’s only a matter of time before those issues affect your entire being. I want to help people along their journeys to developing a new and more loving relationship with themselves, while having a ton of fun of course! It’s the NOLA way of life!”
You can see Heather, Sharief, Torrence, April, and the other nominees at this Saturday’s Millennial Awards. We wish ALL the nominees the best of luck!

WHAT: The Millennials

WHEN: Saturday, July 16 (7:00pm)

WHERE: People’s Health New Orleans Jazz Market (1436 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.)


Last modified on Wednesday, 13 July 2016
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