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Longue Vue House and Gardens hosts ‘Sentimental Journeys’ fundraiser, April 8

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We first discovered Longue Vue House and Gardens almost a year ago when we took the #IntheNOLAbaby to one of his first Easter Egg Hunts that took place on the grounds.
Now, getting to Longue Vue for that Easter Egg Hunt was quite the adventure…you’re driving along this twisting and turning gravel road with all kinds of lush greenery on either side of you. “This can’t be New Orleans,” you think to yourself. Then, all of a sudden, the greenery opens up and a huge mansion (now a museum) comes into view surrounded by gardens, flowers, fountains, and nature galore. Honestly, it feels like you’ve been transported to some exotic wonderland instead of just being down the street from City Park. It’s absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.
 “There are so many facets of Longue Vue House and Gardens, which is one of the things that makes it so special,” explained Jen Gick, Development Director at Longue Vue House and Gardens. “Whether you’re an art lover and want to explore the home's world-class art collection, an architecture and interior design connoisseur, a horticulture specialist, or a child eager to play and learn in the Discovery Garden, there is something for everyone. The eight-acre estate is an unrivaled jewel of the many beautiful homes and gardens in the area and it has been developed into one of New Orleans’ premier educational and cultural resources.”

For the first time in twelve years, Longue Vue House and Gardens will play host to the upcoming Sentimental Journeys fundraiser, named for a trip taken around the world by Longue Vue’s founders, Edith and Edgar Stern. “After hosting twelve Sentimental Journeys events preceding this one, being able to host it at Longue Vue for the first time is such a magnificent treat for us and those in the community,” Jen said. "The gardens and home have been recently renovated and they are immaculate right now, making it the perfect time to host the event. Not to mention, the gorgeous gardens make the perfect space for a springtime event in the South.”
She continued, “For Sentimental Journeys, attendees can expect to step back in time to a night of retro-glamour inspired by the romance of the pre-war era. Guests will be greeted on the Portico Terrace with smooth jazz, bubbly and wine flowing, and light bites from Galatoire’s. The moving, ‘progressive’ party will then send event attendees winding through the magnificent Spanish Court garden where they’ll indulge in inventive renditions of Galatoires’ traditional culinary delights, created exclusively for the event and thoughtfully paired fine libations as they dance the night away to live entertainment by Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans and BRW. A silent auction offering a selection of travel experiences, artwork, antiques, jewelry, and lifestyle items will also be available.”
Proceeds from Sentimental Journeys will go to the many programs coordinated by Longue Vue House and Gardens. “Sentimental Journeys enables us to not only preserve the historic home and grounds, but also to support our diverse programming for youth and adult education, offering horticultural, science, preservation, and arts programming inspired by the historic site and founded in the needs of the community. More specifically, some of these programs include: our Kinder Garden where toddlers can get up close and personal with nature (which the #IntheNOLAbaby loves!), professional development workshops for teachers, and art and horticulture programing for adults.”
Jen concluded, “Sentimental Journeys will be a great place for newcomers to the city to become involved in the community, to make business connections, or just have a fun night out away from the stresses of everyday life!”

WHAT: Sentimental Journeys
WHEN: Friday, April 8 (7:30pm)
WHERE: Longue Vue House and Gardens (7 Bamboo Rd.)

Last modified on Friday, 01 April 2016
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