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Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

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‘Wednesday at the Square,’ YLC’s free 12 week concert series, starts up March 19

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We are right on the cusp of one of our favorite seasons IntheNOLA. The time has changed making the days longer, the weather’s gettin’ warmer (although this changes daily!), snowballs stands are openin' soon, and crawfish boils are gettin’ started. New Orleans, springtime is upon us (we hope!), which means we’re gettin’ ready for festivals galore!
First up on the list is one of our favorites, the Young Leadership Council’s (YLC) annual 12-week concert series, Wednesday at the Square presented by the New Orleans Saints and sponsored by Republic National Distributing Company, Downtown Development District, Lafayette Square Conservancy, Bellwether Technology, Dow Chemical Company, Abita Beer, and Manning's.
Wednesday at the Square features several well known performers, Anders Osborne, Marcia Ball, Robin Barnes, Honey Island Swamp Band, on top of a host of many other acts,” explained Curry Smith, Executive Director of the YLC. “Wednesday at the Square offers the chance to see plenty of local and regional musicians and New Orleans residents really enjoy these activities. Being in the middle of the week, it’s really is a local’s festival.”
In its 15th year, Wednesday at the Square kicks off the first concert of the series on Wednesday, March 19 with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe and Moon Hooch at Lafayette Square from 5-8pm. And every Wednesday after that until June 4, there’s no reason to go home right after work with the likes of Billy Iuso & Restless Natives, Paul Sanchez & The Rolling Road Show, OTRA, and more playing right in your backyard.
‘Wednesday at the Square,’ YLC’s free 12 week concert series, starts up March 19 |
“As you know, we New Orleanians love anything that involves food, music, and drink, and when we can get all three of those together, it’s a pretty happy time for everybody. That’s just one of the great aspects of living in the city and especially in the spring with the weather as good as it typically is. It’s an excuse to get out and enjoy the city and the cultural offerings that we have, not just in terms of the musical acts that are featured, but also the art and food vendors that are out there. We have concessions at the concerts every week and we also have visual artists that get out and promote their work. It’s a big celebration of what makes New Orleans such a unique place to live.”
Wednesday at the Square is the Young Leadership Council’s single largest fundraiser, raising money for the many community service projects that the YLC organizes every year. “We manage eight community service projects and we really encourage our members to get involved in the community and give back and improve the quality of life in the greater New Orleans region. Wednesday at the Square is our primary source of funding every year; the concessions help us make sure that we can effectively do what we do.”
It’s no secret why we live in the best city in the world. While everyone else in the country will be heading home on a regular Wednesday at 5:00, New Orleanians will be dancing and drinking with family and friends. On a Wednesday! Can’t get no better than that!
For more information about YLC Wednesday at the Square, please visit the website, Facebook, and Twitter.

WHAT: YLC Wednesday at the Square

WHEN: Every Wednesday from March 19 – June 4 (5:00pm-8:00pm)
WHERE: Lafayette Square

Last modified on Wednesday, 19 March 2014
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