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Meet Diamond | DSH

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ASII’s Got Soul: Second Lining for a Great Cause

Written by  Danielle Gilyot
This Friday, September 28, 2012, join A Shared Initiative, Inc. at the Howlin’ Wolf and dance until you can’t feel your legs while benefiting a well-deserving organization.

This year’s entertainment trumps all the rest. With Gina Brown and Anutha Level and Grammy Award winning Rebirth Brass Band, you will not find a better time to have in New Orleans this weekend.  To me, brass band music is New Orleans.  It’s the only music I’ve seen make people completely lose themselves in the sound, no matter if they were in a T-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops or an evening gown and stilettos. Or maybe that’s just me.
As the first horn blows the first notes, it’s undeniable, your legs start moving, then your arms, and before you know it, you’re in the middle of a crowd jumping up and down and don’t know how you got there. Or maybe that’s just me, again.

And you’ll be dancing yourself silly for a great cause. As the non-profit arm of ASI Federal Credit Union, ASII seeks to provide “the soft side of financial services” with programs such as Homeownership & Personal Money Management workshops, Credit & Debt Counseling, Foreclosure Intervention Counseling, and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.

For small businesses (in New Orleans, that’s just about every business that you can think of), ASII’s Micro Lending Program, one of its flagship programs, has provided over $1 Million in financing to these fledging business.  In addition to this great program, ASII, through their partnership with KIVA New Orleans, has also provided loans to 39 businesses, helped to create 35 jobs, and worked to retain 78 jobs within the New Orleans community.    

So ask yourself this: Where else can I get to hear the best music in the city and benefit an agency that does all of this for the community? At the Howlin’ Wolf this Friday. This is the event that you purchase two tickets for even if you’re going by yourself. You should come, your mama should come, and that cousin that you don’t want to be seen in public with…he should come too.

WHAT: ASII’s Got Soul!

WHEN: Friday, September 28 (8:00pm-11:00pm)

WHERE: Howling Wolf—907 S. Peters Street


Last modified on Thursday, 27 September 2012
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