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Boys Hope Girls Hope ‘inspiring, empowering, and nurturing’ New Orleans youth

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When you walk into the Boys Hope Girls Hope of Greater New Orleans (BHGH) home in Mid City, you would think you’re in any regular house. Pictures of children on the walls doing sports or dancing, chore wheel on the refrigerator to make sure everyone has a turn, corkboards in the bedrooms with kids’ names and their dreams and interests, vision boards on the door with their future. Basically, the things you would see in any home with kids and teenagers.
The Boys Hope Girls Hope home is not your “typical” home, however. Instead of biological parents, there are “house parents.” Instead of rooming with your brothers or sisters, there are kids from different neighborhoods and walks of life together. But what remains constant is the love, support, and attention that each child receives.
Founded by Rev. Harry W. Tompson, S.J., and Hon. Adrian Duplantier in 1980, “Boys Hope Girls Hope of Greater New Orleans provides at-risk children between the ages of 10 and 18 with a stable home, positive parenting, high-quality education, and the support needed to reach their full potential.” Over 200 children have made their way through the Boys Hope Girls Hope program, “finding the structure, support, and guidance needed to overcome harmful circumstances beyond their control and reach their goals.”
Boys Hope Girls Hope has been a part of the community for over thirty years,” said Kelley Allenspach, BHGH Development Director. “We started off as a boys home and added a girls home in 2002.”
She continued, “We are a residential program for scholars, providing them with a safe home environment that’s loving and nurturing with all their daily needs met. We also provide them with academic opportunities across the city. We partner with schools like St. Mary’s Dominican High School, Jesuit High School, Holy Name of Jesus School, Lusher Charter School, St. Anthony of Padua School, and Stuart Hall School for Boys. They offer scholarships to our children and that is critical for us to do what we do. We really want our scholars to explore and realize their full potential. For us, once we provide those basic needs, such as clothes, shoes, food, etc., the additional loving and nurturing support of the house parents of our program brings their potential to the next level and helps them really realize and explore what they want to do.”
And Boys Hope Girls Hope of Greater New Orleans needs your help and support to continue on their awesome mission of helping some of our most vulnerable New Orleanians. This Friday, BHGH invites New Orleans to their annual fundraiser, the 2012 MADGala.  
“Every year the gala takes on a different theme and this year’s is a Mad Men theme from the television series,” Kelley explained. “We are having four different specialty cocktails of bourbon, vodka, gin, and rum, as well as classic cocktail stations all around. We’re going to have a wonderful live auction with some really exclusive packages, a raffle, and a new component to the event called a Fund-a-Need Board. This will have very specific line items that we need funded for our program, like the electricity bill or clothing for one scholar for a year. There will also be fabulous entertainment by the Yat Pack and food from some amazing local restaurants. It’s just going to be a very beautiful night under the pavilion.”
She added, “This event is truly going to support the kids. The mission of Boys Hope Girls Hope is so unique in this city. We are the only people that provide both in-home support and after-school support. For us, this event helps us bring in new, potential supporters and program participants, and it also helps us to really thank and give our current supporters a great night out.”
Boys Hope Girls Hope of Greater New Orleans is truly a much-needed program in our city. We thank the BHGH for supporting and encouraging our youth as they are indeed the future of New Orleans.

WHAT: Boys Hope Girls Hope MADGala
WHEN: Friday, September 14 (7:00pm-10:00pm)
WHERE: The Pavilion of the Two Sisters in City Park

Last modified on Tuesday, 11 September 2012
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