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Meet Little Momma | Maltese mix

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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Genevieve Douglass of KINDRED Studios

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Over the past six years, has had the privilege of telling the stories of our local entrepreneurs in our Entrepreneur Spotlights. In total, we’ve featured 30 entrepreneurs, from Robert Dula of NOLA Gondola in 2010 to Niala and Tia Howard of Magnolia Makeup in 2011 to Chet Pourciau of Chet Pourciau Design in 2012 to Simone Bruni Crouere of Demo Diva in 2013 to Maggie Doussan of Baby Boot Camp New Orleans in 2014 to Stirling Barrett of KREWE du Optic in 2015.
With 2016, we’re excited to usher in more entrepreneurs to add to the existing “IntheNOLA Entrepreneur Alumni” with our first spotlight of the year, Genevieve Douglass of KINDRED Studios!
In 2013, Genevieve welcomed her first child, daughter Avery. As the lifestyle of being a new mom settled in, Genevieve wanted to be able to continue her pre-baby and professional life while incorporating Avery into it as much as possible. At the same time, Genevieve was also a big proponent of living an active lifestyle. So she created something that busy moms everywhere would certainly find useful.

“An active lifestyle, most specifically yoga, was a big part of my life and I wanted to attend mommy/baby yoga classes with my daughter,” explained Genevieve. “Those classes were a great opportunity for me to: 1) get out of the house with an infant, 2) get back on my mat and try to rejuvenate my yoga practice, 3) meet other young moms and babies in the community, 4) stretch my tired and achy body, 5) help restore my energy levels, and 6) spend some fun, interactive time bonding time with my baby, while doing something good for myself, both physically & mentally.”

She continued, “I also saw a demand from other moms looking for interactive activities or options that fit into a working parents’ schedule. I thought to myself, ‘Why isn’t there a common space that is modern and appealing and that caters to working parents and those with more flexible schedules?’”
With those guiding questions, Genevieve opened KINDRED Studios, where parents can come for fitness and wellness WITH their children. “As a working parent, any free time I have, I want to spend with my daughter,” she said. “I would feel guilty spending time working out when I could spend that time with her. KINDRED allows parents to do something for themselves while spending time with their little ones.”

A lifestyle studio, KINDRED offers support “from prenatal to postpartum phases of parenthood.” In addition, you’ll find a Romp Room for play, shopping with ZukaBaby (a natural parenting boutique), and cold-pressed juices in addition to an array of exercise classes for parents and babies.
“Our GET FIT. classes include yoga, barre, ballet, Pilates, indoor cycling, and even kids yoga,” Genevieve noted. “We have one-on-one personal training (45 minute sessions) available 3 days a week. And we also host (kids free) Hip-Hop evening classes on occasion. Our CONNECT. programming includes Story Time (including Spanish and French sessions once a month), Music Together classes, Sing Along with Nurture Nannies, WeeHands (American sign language for babies), breastfeeding support with La Leche League, Babywearing & Cloth Diapers 101, free play, natural birth classes with Bradley, a “News Moms Group” with Nurse Nikki as postpartum support, and a “Bump#squad” group for expecting moms.

She added, “Our most popular fitness class is definitely the Tuesday/Thursday 10:30am indoor cycling class as well as our yoga classes (Tuesday/Thursday at 12:00pm and Friday at 11:00am). Music Together, WeeHands and Nurture Nannies’ Sing Along are probably our most popular CONNECT. classes. We’ve also added Pre Natal Yoga (Tuesdays at 6:00pm and Sundays at 3:30pm).”
This year, Genevieve will welcome her second baby! “I sure haven’t mastered the work/family balance, but I try,” she smiled. “Honestly, I function better and tend to be happier when I’m busy. I am nervous, though, about how baby #2 will impact that, but I am excited to come back to the studio with the new baby and view the concept as a nursing mom of an infant. I love what I do and I feel blessed to walk this journey. I hope that I can be a good example for my daughters as she gets older to take risks and follow your heart.”

Genevieve concluded, “My goal is for KINDRED to be an all-encompassing space for modern parents, guilt-free and judgment-free. I want our families to come to us for a fitness class and then stay for a CONNECT. group, grab a fresh juice, shop ZukaBaby’s offerings while their baby plays all in the middle of their hectic day. Or come for a support group and meet other parents. Even if you’re not a fitness buff, we still have lots of resources for local parents and we hope to be able to grow this modern parenting community here at KINDRED Studios.”
For more information about KINDRED Studios, please visit the website, Facebook, and Twitter.
Last modified on Tuesday, 16 February 2016
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