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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chet Pourciau of ‘Chet Pourciau Design’

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A few weeks ago, IntheNOLA got together a bunch of local entrepreneurs and artists for a fun photo shoot for the New Orleans Museum of Art’s annual fundraiser, Love in the Garden. While the ladies of the photo shoot, dressed in Jolie and Elizabeth, primped and prepared with nervous anticipation, the man of the photo shoot was quite calm and collected.
Impeccable suit with bow tie, shoes, shoestrings, socks, and handkerchief (and perhaps underwear, too :) to match, Mr. Chet Pourciau, came to get down to business. We wanted a man with a style and sophistication for this photo shoot and he undisputedly delivered, which is why we are delighted to present Chet and his interior design company, Chet Pourciau Design, as our newest Entrepreneur Spotlight!
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chet Pourciau | IntheNOLA.comThere is no denying the style of Mr. Chet Pourciau. This is not a man who tries to be stylish…it’s simply part of his nature. “I’ve always been a good dresser,” Chet said. “It’s something that I enjoy. I love fashion and I always try to do something that is traditional, but also pushes the card a bit. I look in my closet all the time and wonder what I’m going to throw together for the week, not just the day, the week. I get excited when I have new clothes.”

Just as Chet has a critical eye for shopping and putting clothing together, his interior designing talents are no different. When you step into his studio on Magazine St., there is not a detail left undone. Of course, you tell yourself that the different rooms in the studio are meant to represent the rooms of someone’s house, you can’t help but feel that you’re actually in that house! Sofas and lamps perched perfectly, candles and picture frames situated here and there, decorative objects and various knick knacks sprinkled throughout. (We secretly wish it was the IntheNOLA offices!)
“As a kid, I always had an interest in design,” he explained. “I had my own room with the same furniture in my room, but I tended to move that furniture around on a regular basis. I guess the designer was in me back then, but I didn’t really know what interior design was; I just thought it was something I did to freshen up my room! When I got older, I moved to New Orleans and started working for Gucci. When Pottery Barn opened up across the hallway they recruited me from Gucci and that’s when I started to get the design feel.”
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chet Pourciau |
He continued, “I decided to go to design school, which I thought was going to be really easy, but it wasn’t at all. I thought I’d pick out some fabrics and play around, but there’s more to design than that. There’s floor planning, measuring, and many other factors. I got really involved in all of the elements and my love of design spurred from there.”

Chet finds that New Orleans bears a lot of influence on his designs. “My grandmother and aunt were the two ladies who raised me. They were sophisticated schoolteachers and enjoyed antiques. Not only do I also enjoy the older, more refined things, but I also like more modern, streamlined things. I combine those together to make more of a transition with design, where I take the antique that I grew up with and add a modern flair. New Orleans is such an eclectic city where there is a lot of modern, traditional, transitional, and eclectic design. I feed off of the architectural buildings of the city in a lot of my designs since New Orleans is such a beautiful architectural city. I try to make sure that I maintain the architectural integrity of every design that I go into. I like to say that the architecture is like the shell and the design is like the pearl found in the shell.”
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chet Pourciau |
He added, “With any design project, there are two things that are most important: great lighting and great paint color. If you have great lighting and great paint color, you can make something that’s not that expensive look amazing. If your lighting and paint color are wrong, you can have something that is very expensive look awful. Having an interior designer can get those two things right, which can actually save money in the long run. Those are my two strong points when it comes to any type of interior design.”
Chet is looking to take New Orleans to the next level. While New Orleans may not be known for design, Chet believes that it’s only a matter of time and perseverance. “I don’t want to be a just a New Orleans designer; I want to bring New Orleans to the forefront when it comes to design,” he said. “My goal is to show people that it doesn’t matter who you are, what’s your sexuality, what’s your means or back ground, that anything you work toward, you can accomplish. I have done extremely well over the New Orleans area, but I want to be national. I want to take it a step further; I want to be international, so that I can show young kids everywhere that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from, you can accomplish anything you want if you really work at it. I am obsessive about getting to the national stage and then after that I am going to obsess about getting to the international stage and I won’t stop until that happens.”
Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chet Pourciau |
And we think Chet is well on his way to that international fame! In fact, Chet hosts a weekly show on PBS and WLAE called Chet Chat. “When Chet Chat first started, it was focused around helping non-profits with a design challenge. We now also do a do-it-yourself segment because the economy may not be that great, but people still want to enjoy design. In addition, we showcase area non-profits who would otherwise not receive attention. So, if a non-profit is having an event, we get the word out about that event. Chet Chat is essentially a show about giving back and we are doing great things for people in the non-profit area.”
Chet concluded, “Although I’m working hard to become nationally recognized, one of my main goals is to stay true to Chet and who Chet really is. I hope to never lose that because that’s what’s got me to where I am now, to just be who I am. It’s important to me that I not only show myself and my family, but that I also show New Orleans in a very positive way. You can do anything you put your mind to. The sky is the limit.”
For more information about Chet Pourciau and his company, Chet Pourciau Design, and television show, Chet Chat, please visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.
Last modified on Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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