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Meet Ali | Pit Bull mix

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What’s your fave: wine or beer? Have both at Bayou Beer Garden and Bayou Wine Garden in Mid City Featured

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The first time we went to Bayou Beer Garden (326 N. Jefferson Davis Pkwy.) was around 2009 for a 610 Stompers night rehearsal. Then we went back after one of the 610 Stompers’ famous Ball Crawls, then again for a handful of Saints games, and even more for just random occasions that required beer and eats.
Now, some of us in the IntheNOLA offices are all about the beer. And others of us are “beer-friendly,” but it’s not really our thing, so when Bayou Wine Garden (315 N. Rendon St.) opened in 2016 just feet away from Bayou Beer Garden, all parties at IntheNOLA were satisfied. Beer and casual eats on one side. Wine and slightly more upscale eats on another side. And the two connected with a beer patio and a wine patio for you easily traverse between the two. Pretty sweet.

With over 200 beers, 200 wines on tap and bottles, a rotating frozen drink selection (including Frosé and frozen versions of an Aviation, French 75, and a Gin and Tonic made with house-made tonic), and a handful of signature craft cocktails, you’re sure to find something that suits your fancy.
Owners David and Virginia Demarest (who is also the chef) are the masterminds behind the two Gardens and their respective atmospheres. “Bayou Beer Garden focuses on a large beer selection both on tap and in bottles and cans,” they said. “It is also has a more casual, sports bar sort of feel with more traditional American bar food, such as burgers, fries, and wings. Bayou Wine Garden, on the other hand, has a slightly more refined, though still casual, atmosphere, and a kitchen focusing on more upscale and creative versions of bar food with global flavors and a focus on a large charcuterie and cheese program.”
They continued, “Some of our customer favorites at Bayou Beer Garden include our delicious 10oz Bayou Beer Garden Burger, and the Buffalo Chicken Wings,” explained David and Virginia. “And we can’t forget the FAMOUS Bayou Beer Garden Disco Fries…French fries smothered in cheddar cheese and doused with roast beef debris gravy!”

“At Bayou Wine Garden, the charcuterie and cheese program are both very popular, with mix-and-match build-your-own boards to suit any palate. Additionally, the Chorizo and Cheese Wontons and the Coconut Curry Mussels and Fries are big crowd pleasers.”
The Gardens have proven themselves to be so popular that they recently raised the most money for the Louisiana SPCA’s Dine Out 4 Paws event! Over fifty restaurants participated in the event to donate 20% of their lunch/dinner proceeds to the Louisiana SPCA to support animal welfare in our region.
“We are all huge animal lovers in our Bayou Garden Family,” noted David and Virginia. “I think the passion for helping our four-legged friends makes a huge difference in the support we received from our customers for this fundraising event. Additionally, our Gardens welcome customers to bring their dogs with them! Being known as a neighborhood spot that you can come enjoy food and drink with your pet surely helped us garner a great turn out for Dine Out 4 Paws!”

David and Virginia aren’t done yet either as they will be opening a new butcher shop this fall. “Piece of Meat Butcher Shop and Meat Market will be opening in the fall and feature everything you’d want from a butcher shop, plus retail house-made charcuterie, cheeses, and other products. In addition, it will serve as a full service restaurant featuring gourmet sandwiches centered around the meat program, along with brunch on weekends!”
With the weather turning cooler (fingers crossed this happens sooner rather than later ;), Bayou Beer Garden and Bayou Wine Garden are sure to be places on our calendar to visit…it should be on yours too…with your four-legged family members if you got some!
For more beer information, please visit the website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For more wine information, please visit the websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Last modified on Tuesday, 19 September 2017
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