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Sweet eatin’ IntheNOLA: Drip Affogato Bar, ‘coffee and ice cream’s love child’

Written by
(Photo credit: @christinalau)

Where there’s coffee and ice cream, there’s sure to be fun. Where there’s coffee and ice cream…together…in the same bowl, we’re pretty sure that’s heaven.
We went to heaven a couple of weeks ago when we stopped by Drip Affogato Bar (703 Carondelet St.) in the CBD to cure a sweet craving. With its modern, sleek, and simple interior, Drip brings some “caffeine and sugar” to the city.
But you’re probably still stuck on the affogato part, right? No worries, we promise you’ll love it!
“Affogato means ‘to drown’ in Italian,” explained Juley Le, owner of Drip along with Anh Vu, and Justin Ramirez. “While Italians generally pair vanilla gelato with a shot of espresso, we’re ‘dripping’ different affogato combinations!”
For our first affogato experience, we ordered the “Classique,” consisting of two scoops of Tahitian vanilla ice cream, crushed pistachios, a stroopwafel, and a dash of sea salt in one bowl and a cup of espresso right next to it. We were the instructed to pour a little bit of the espresso on to the ice cream and voila! There’s the heaven we’ve been describing! 
With ice cream courtesy of The Creole Creamery and coffee from French Truck Coffee, Drip offers a variety of combinations. There’s the “Bananas Foster” (banana ice cream, bruleed bananas, rum caramel, and espresso), “Tiramisu” (coffee ice cream, lady fingers, mascarpone, cocoa power, and espresso), and “Cookie Monster” (Mexican hot chocolate ice cream, cookie crumbles, chocolate syrup, and hot chocolate) just to name a few.

(Photo credit: @cara_melized)
The Drip owners are happy to bring affogato to New Orleans. “New Orleans supports small businesses so we knew we wanted to launch our concept here,” continued Juley. “And we absolutely love our neighborhood and neighbors! There’s been a ton of new development, which has brought in a variety of new businesses and restaurants. It’s been a pleasure growing alongside them.”
Coffee and ice cream? Yes, please!
For more information about Drip Affogato Bar, please visit the website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.
Last modified on Monday, 06 March 2017
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