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Meet Zeus | Brindle Terrier/GSD mix

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Dreamy Weenies, hot dogs gone NOLA , for National Hot Dog Day!

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Editor's Note: Today (July 23) is National Hot Dog Day!

The title’s got you wondering, doesn’t it? What exactly is a hot dog gone NOLA? Well, let's see...have you ever had red beans and rice on a hot dog? Or what about BBQ shrimp sauce? "No, no, no," you must be saying. "You people over there at IntheNOLA must certainly be confused," you’re probably thinking. Nope, we're not confused one bit. We saw, we ate, and we left satisfied at one of New Orleans’ newest hot dog shops, Dreamy Weenies.
Dreamy Weenies’ owners Nasr Nance and Ahmad Shakir are selling “America’s favorite food with a New Orleans twist”…or in other words, “hot dogs gone NOLA!”
‘Dreamy Weenies,’ hot dogs gone NOLA |
So how does one actually decide to create a NOLA-inspired hot dog? “I just had an idea while watching TV,” Ahmad explained. “I was watching a Food Network special on how they do hotdogs all around the country and it hit me...New Orleans inspired hot dogs. When you think of New Orleans, you think of our culture and our food. Well, the hot dog is just as international as it is American. So we asked ourselves, ‘What happens when New Orleans does it?’ Chicago has a style; New York has a style. So we looked at it as an opportunity to shape what would happen when New Orleans does a hot dog.”
And when New Orleans, better yet Dreamy Weenies, does a hot dog, you get specialties such as the Genchili Dog topped with the house made chili (meat or vegan) and Creole mix (onions, bell peppers, and celery). Or the Toulouse Dog with BBQ shrimp sauce (created from a recipe that’s been passed down from generations). There’s The “Higgy” with chili, cheese, and 7th ward grits, and the Satchmo Dog topped with red beans and rice. Toto, we’re certainly not in Kansas anymore with these hot dogs!
Dreamy Weenies, hot dogs gone NOLA , for National Hot Dog Day! |
“We have something for everybody,” said Nasr. “No matter what you eat or what you don’t eat, you can come here and find yourself a good meal. “We’re not fast food; we make all the sides and New Orleans-style toppings from scratch in house.”
Dreamy Weenies “dogs” are all halal (meat prepared according to Islamic customs), kosher (food prepared according to Jewish food laws), or vegan (no animal products used in the food). Top your dog with the typical ketchup and mustard, or get adventurous with the myriad of toppings (aside from those mentioned above), including pico de gallo, curry sauce, cream cheese, and ‘dream’oulade sauce. And don’t forget about the sides…waffle fries, sweet potato fries, BBQ succotash, and more. Oh, and how could we almost forget to mention the bun (one that took three months to perfect)?!
‘Dreamy Weenies,’ hot dogs gone NOLA |
Ahmad and Nasr concluded, “You can expect to have a unique experience when you come to Dreamy Weenies. We have such a local vibe going on being smack in the middle of the French Quarter and Treme. Our customer service is second to none and we have a clean environment. We’re known for having one of the cleanest bathrooms in the Quarter and some of the best hot dogs in the city!”
For more information about Dreamy Weenies, please visit the website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Dreamy Weenie's
740 N. Rampart St.
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 872-0157
Last modified on Thursday, 23 July 2015
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